We get it - this is a complicated project! Click on the questions below to get more information. And, if you don’t see your question answered here, please contact us directly.

Is the Brown County Barn Burner open for business? Where are you in the project timeline?

No, we are not yet open for business.  At this point, there are still a lot of variables that will affect our opening date, but we hope to be open by late 2019 at the earliest, but more realistically it will probably be early 2020.

We already own the property and have received our demolition permit for the existing buildings, approval from the Nashville Development Review Commission (DRC) for our exterior design, finishes, and lighting, and our complete set of prints is almost ready to submit to the State of Indiana for the required state review process.  We are working with a contractor to finalize the construction bid and then we will complete the commercial appraisal with our bank, make sure we can demonstrate sufficient assets for any necessary additional down payment, before closing on our construction loan.

What in the world is a “barn burner”?

A barn burner is “an event or game that arouses much interest or excitement.”  The Brown County Barn Burner will embody both the figurative and literal meanings of a barn burner by combining the opportunity for guests to get away, play, and stay, with materials and barn-like finishes that are black or literally burnt using techniques like the Lichtenberg process (below, left) and shou sugi ban (below, right).

Why aren’t you just re-purposing the existing buildings? Why bother with demolition and new construction?


We are some of those strange people that love the challenge of working within the constraints of existing structures and bringing new beauty and function back to forgotten buildings (we’ve done it to three homes already!) So, deciding to demolish the old Barnyard Shoppes buildings and start fresh is not a decision we made lightly.  But ultimately, we’ve discovered significant water and termite damage, major drainage problems with the existing elevations, an insufficient foundation, and lack of plumbing in one of the buildings.  Furthermore, the existing design (two parallel buildings with six separate small retail spaces in each, separated by a covered alley) is not conducive to any of our intended business uses.

Are you going to reuse any of the materials from the existing buildings?

Yes, we’re committed to reclaiming and reusing certain materials and we’ve tried to take cues from the existing buildings to inspire our design moving forward.  There is a rightness to replacing the “Barnyard Shoppes” with the “Barn Burner” and we have fun plans for the cedar shiplap and tongue and groove boards we’ve salvaged for use in the new space. 

We also discovered what is essentially a building inside a building in the eastern portion of the south building. We have already reclaimed the rough sawn oak barn boards that were used as board and batten siding on that original building. We’re still confused as to why the modern day Barnyard Shoppes were built around that building, so if anyone has memories or information about the property’s earliest days, we’d love to hear it!

Will the overnight accommodations at the Brown County Barn Burner be kid-friendly? What about pets?


It’s an old joke that traveling with your kids isn’t a “vacation,” it’s a “trip,” but we don’t think that has to be true.  So we decided to create a place where we would love to stay, whether with just our family or with a larger group.  In fact, one of our favorite travel “hacks” is to take trips with other family or friends, since the extra sets of hands and eyes can be helpful and make the trip more enjoyable overall.   If you also like the idea of traveling with a larger group, we’ve designed the Brown County Barn Burner so that you can rent more than one unit (rent all four if you’re really going big!) and share the space with the people you love.  Or rent just one unit and make your own memories, and possibly make friends with the other guests while you’re there.

A Pack & Play with fitted sheet, high chair, audio baby monitor and selection of toys are included with all units, for use by those traveling with young children.  If you need additional Pack & Plays, cots, high chairs, or booster seats, please let us know.

The Brown County Barn Burner is happy to accommodate guests of all ages and, while we love our furry friends, they are not typically allowed in the guest units. The two exceptions to this are if you’re renting only the 1-North Unit or if you’re renting all four units (1-North, 2-South, 3-East, and 3-West. We’re still figuring out a more complete pet policy to lay out more details and additional costs.

What else is there to do in Nashville and Brown County?

We’re working on a specialized guide and map for visitors to the Brown County Barn Burner, but it’s not quite finished yet. In the mean time, you can learn more about all there is to do in Nashville by visiting the Brown County Visitor Center website.

This all sounds amazing! Is there any way I can help or be involved?

Yes, there is! Besides signing up for our mailing list and sending any good vibes our way, we’ve also set-up a GoFundMe where you can donate directly to the project and get some pretty sweet perks in return.