go fund me campaign 

We are close to finalizing the details for our construction loan, but the reality is that this is an enormous undertaking and new business venture for us.  No matter how conservative we’ve been in our own projections and planning, any lender is going to be even more conservative on top of that.  In the words of one bank, “The business is a start-up and has no history, even though there is significant history in the market.”  But the same bank also said, “There are a lot of positives, not the least of which is my belief that you both are very capable of making this happen.” 

We believe that too, but the fact remains that we need to qualify for a commercial construction loan to make this project a reality.  We are asking for money to assist with the final down payment and to help sustain the financial “cushion” that the bank wants us to have on hand for any potential project overruns.  

It's a big project, there’s no denying that. But we also know it has big potential to change the face of that corner of town, and meet the needs of both the residents of Brown County and its visitors.  We have worked hard and feel grateful to have the opportunity to offer our dream to the community.  And, while we are well on our way, we are hoping to get your support to push us over the finish line. 

You can read more about the project and the “thank you” perks we’re offering our donors on our GoFundMe page. And while you’re there, be sure to share the link with others!