Play Space


1,250 square feet of the Brown County Barn Burner will be rented to Hilary Key of the Brown County Toy Chest to create a yet-to-be-named, all-ages, interactive play space.  The Play Space will help fill the void of kid and family-friendly activities in town, while also furthering the Toy Chest’s mission to show that the benefits of play don’t have an age limit.  The Play Space is associated with, but separate, from the Toy Chest – Brown County’s retail store.

If you’ve already had the joy of interacting with Hilary and her team at the Toy Chest – whether at their well-stocked and carefully curated store, by participating in their ongoing Toddler Tuesday events, attending the 1st Annual BroCoCon Family Game Conference, or with the 2019 Spring Break Scavenger Hunt they organized – then you’ll have a sense of the attention to detail, understanding of play, and creative spirit that will guide the development of the Play Space.  And, if you haven’t met this great team, then you’ll have to take our word on it for now! Or maybe join the fun in advance by following them on Facebook and Instagram, or stopping by their store the next time you’re in town?

As we get closer to opening, we’ll update this page with more information on rates, hours, exhibits, and planned events.  We can’t wait to be part of adding this amazing resource to our community (and to make use of it with our own kids!)